Welcome to a blog by Ingram Micro,

with the mission to inspire for a more sustainable distribution chain in the Nordics.

Fairphone - longevity in focus

Fairphone has a mission to raise awareness around sustainability.

Humly - it's all about the longevity

Humly's history and its start-up is a bit different from many others. At Humly, it's all about the products' longevity.

Inrego and Ingram Micro - an important partnership

Inrego visiting Ingram Micro Breakfast Club

Ocean Race - Racing with a purpose

IngramMicroPlanetary would like to invite you to learn more about the vital role oceans play in our ecosystem.

dbramante1928 supports LittleBigHelp

Our story about the work dbramante1928 does for sustainability continues. 

Inrego - 25 år av hållbarhet

Inrego arbetade med cirkulär ekonomi långt innan begreppet uppfanns.

A step in the right direction!

One single charging port for all mobile phones from fall of 2024.

At Mousetrapper sustainability is done together

We have talked to Anders Ehnbom, CEO at Mousetrapper, to hear how they work with sustainability and how they engage their employees in this work.

ESG in focus at Ingram Micro

Listen to our Global ESG Director John Marler.

Eco friendly phone case iPhone 14

Dbramante1928, now launching eco friendly cases for iPhone 14.

Hyreshyllan – ett klimatmart val

Margareta Törnblad svarar på frågor om NetOnNets tjänst Hyreshyllan.

100% CO2 neutral production - phone cases from dbramante1928

100% CO2 neutral production and full-grain leather as a sustainable alternative

Sustainability Focus at Atea

What is the Atea Sustainability Focus (ASF) about and why a report every year? We'll find out in this blog post. 

HP hjälper återförsäljare arbeta hållbart

I senaste avsnittet av vår podcast "The Voice of Ingram Micro" hade vi besök av Maria Collin, Head of Sustainability & Sustainable Procurement på HP.

dbramante1928 - sustainable accessories

dbramante1928 claims to be the greenest supplier in the industry and a pioneer when it comes to sustainability.