dbramante1928 supports LittleBigHelp

dbramante1928 supports LittleBigHelp

As we have written about earlier, dbramante1928 claims to be the greenest supplier in the industry and a pioneer when it comes to sustainability. This time we want to share with you an example of what they do for charity.

We have been supporting LittleBigHelp for 10 years. For every dbramante1928 product sold, part of the profit is donated to LBH, and we are very proud to have donated a total of more than DKK. 2.000.000 over the years", says Kristian Gunvald, Sustainability Manager at dbramante1928.

LittleBigHelp is a Danish NGO that works to create better opportunities for vulnerable women and children in West Bengal, India. Through its 22 different projects, LittleBigHelp provides direct support to over 1.100 vulnerable women and children, and indirectly to over 1,300 vulnerable families by ensuring basic child rights such as education and protection and by giving women the right skills and tools to strengthen their position and job opportunities. 

It’s in our DNA. We believe that great design is driven by strong values, and while we can’t do everything, we are committed to helping make a difference in and around the area in which we work. And we do. 

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