Ocean Race - Racing with a purpose

Ocean Race - Racing with a purpose

When you look at our planet earth, what is most striking? The blue ocean!

IngramMicroPlanetary would like to invite you to learn more about the vital role oceans play in our ecosystem.

This learning material is brought to you by The Ocean Race, the world-class sailing competition where teams of men and women spend six months crossing the globe. The competition starts January 15th and includes stops at nine cities around the world. Ingram Micro is the official delivery partner for The Ocean Race and Acronis partnership.  

IngramMicroPlanetary is excited about the race and the partnership because The Ocean Race is a unique opportunity to educate people about the importance of our oceans. These racing boats go to places on the earth where humans rarely, if ever, go, and in doing so they can see the impact of the global economy on ocean health.

In addition to the exciting racing, the boats will also help realize the promise of technology to gather data on ocean health. The sailing boats are equipped with specialized technology that will collect valuable data for scientists from some of the most remote locations in the world.  Data collected will include carbon dioxide, salinity and temperature as well as microplastics and will be used to improve forecasts and predictions related to the ocean, climate and weather.

Please watch this video and take the quiz.

Take the quiz BEFORE and AFTER watching the video and see if the video increases your ocean literacy.

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