dbramante1928 - sustainable accessories

dbramante1928 - sustainable accessories

dbramante1928 claims to be the greenest supplier in the industry and a pioneer when it comes to sustainability.

I had the opportunity to talk to Kristian Gunvald, Sustainability Manager at dbramante1928.

In what way are you pioneers in the industry when it comes to sustainability?

We are guided by experts. Like nobody else in the industry, we also have a validated plan for sustainability, ensuring that the entire chain of activities not only reduce the global plastic pollution, but also the CO2 emissions for our entire business. We are working towards becoming a climate positive company, and by having a validated sustainability plan as well as being partners to WWF, we are committed to do whatever it takes to get there before 2030. Dbramante1928 is the chosen brand by WWF to be the example to others on how climate action can be combined with running a successful business.

Dbramante1928 is pushing for a change in the industry, how do you do that?

By providing long-lasting and recycled alternatives to replace single-use plastic products. We want to proof to vendors as well as to customers that sustainable products can be made without any compromises on quality, functionality and design.

We will be back soon with more information about how dbramante1928 through material selection, charity work and partnerships drive sustainability work forward based on both the social aspect and the environmental aspect.

//Lisa Valinder Olsson, Communications & Sustainability Manager at Ingram Micro


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